Business Solutions

Consultants at Consilium Equity Advisors are prepared to mitigate your concerns and guide your business to a new level. We want to listen and understand what objectives you are currently experiencing, and create solutions based on information and data collected through our partnership. Our Consultants have worked with many types of businesses, which have allowed them to understand more about yours. Your business is our business and we are dedicated to providing an unrivaled service for you and your organizations future.

Strategic Planning

What is your vision for the future? What are your goals and objectives to achieve success? Strategic planning is a transparent roadmap creating a path from where you are to where you want to be. Consilium Equity Advisors are eager to assist you in creating, executing, and achieving this plan so you can begin thinking about the next success.

Process Improvement

For a brief moment, think about how many processes your business utilizes. Do you fear that many of your processes are outdated or not aligned properly? We can help! Processes are created to efficiently flow from beginning to end, the same way, at any given point. Employees typically find comfort in current processes, therefore changing a process can be very intimidating. Rest assured that process improvement is a method to negate unnecessary steps and achieve the same success. Process improvement not only creates more opportunity, but a better environment for employees. Remember, as businesses change, our processes should as well.

Operational Efficiency

Is your business currently operating in the most efficient way? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. You may have processes in place to achieve your goals, but things happen and we lose track of our efficiencies. Consilium Equity Advisors has a true passion for operational efficiency. Our efficiency methods will minimize your operating costs and increase cash flow by capturing data and adopting new standards. Operations are typically the largest expense of a company, as they are directly related to time, people, equipment, assets, and money. Operational efficiencies carry a large scope and requires a great deal of time, but it can be the most profitable decision you have made for your company.

Contract Negotiation

In the business world, signing a contract can be an intimidating process. We often utilize attorney’s to review them, but rarely think of using an outside source to negotiate them. Contract negotiation is a major factor when buying or selling a business, but we use contracts on a daily basis. Negotiations are not solely comprised of figures but more importantly what each party has to offer. If you need assistance negotiating a contract, Consilium Equity Advisors would be excited to work with you. We strategically capture the needs of your business and negotiate the variables you have to offer. Our advisors have a passion for negotiation and would like to help you succeed with yours.

New Business Start Up

Congratulations! You may be pursuing your dream, passion, or product and now it’s time to put it into action. What an exciting time in life, but also a bit overwhelming. Many of us try and hide the nerves of the unexpected or the “I don’t knows”, and that is completely normal. The best time to reach out for professional guidance is now. The members of Consilium Equity Advisors have all owned individual businesses and know exactly what you are experiencing. We want to prepare you and your business so you can operate with a plan for success. Our advisors will assist you with financial, operational, and transformational process planning. Put the nerves aside and let’s talk about your path to success.


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